His Banner Over Me is Love - Banners, Flags, Streamers and more! Pt 1

     Flags, banners and streamers can add a very beautiful dimension and visual effect to worship when used correctly. If not, they create little more than a flag show. When the dance ministry was restored to the church, worship instruments were used by a few ministries who understood their complete purpose and use. As the dance ministry continues to increase in popularity, there are many who are using them with good intentions, but often appear to be "going through the motions" because it's the thing to do. Many of the comments on YouTube and similar websites confirm that what people are observing either does not line up with the Word, or does not make sense to them, so that the flags and banners are just another spectacle in God's House.

     Let's do some homework, and learn where the use of flags, banners, and streamers originated so we can have a knowledge base for our framework. Historically, banners were used as a point of consolidation for armies to rally, and where the flag was, the king was. Our King is Christ! In the Old Testament, the word
Nissi from Nec = banner, flag, standard is interchangeable with the word miracle. Banners that glorify God testify to His miracles and chase away darkness (Ps 20:5; Ps. 68:1; Ps. 60:4; Zech. 9:16; Deut. 26:8). God is the miracle worker,and His banner over us is love! (Song of Sol. 2:4)*

     The colors of the worship instruments used are important. One mistake that is often made is to automatically match the color of the flags or streamers to the garments. Don't get stuck in a box--Different colors carry different spiritual meanings, and God may direct you to change flags in the middle of a dance, or to have different dancers use different colors at the same time, so be led by the Holy Spirit! Be sure to use the appropriate sized worship instruments. An adult should always use an adult-sized flag or streamer, and a child should use one that they can carry comfortably. Keep the flag or streamer high in the air, not too close to your body, or directly in front of your face. Relax, breathe, lift your arms from your back, and allow the flags to flow freely with the air, otherwise it will look as if you are fighting with the flags, and that they are winning! I have seen this before, and it doesn't look nice. If you drop your flag, or your streamer gets detached from the rod, keep dancing! One of two things will happen: Someone else in the group will pick it up for you on beat if you can't, or if you can gracefully sweep the streamer up from the floor at some point, you can do it and keep dancing with just the streamer. I have been in both situations and God still got the glory. A flag can become tangled around its rod if you don't hold the cloth properly between your thumb and index finger. Ask your leader how to do this, and practice! 

     Stay tuned for Part 2 of our study!

* From God's Processions: His Victorious Army from Warriors of Praise, teachings by Jan Hamel, Julie Eymann, Charlotte Baker and Alison Garies

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