His Banner Over Me is Love - Banners, Flags, Streamers and More! Pt 2

     We left off in part 1 watching some excellent footage of a soloist and group dancing with worship flags. If you watch carefully, the flags are always in motion, and the movements are free and expansive. In other words, the flags are not a distraction and don't appear to be a hindrance to the worship dancer's flow. The same principle applies to billow cloths, banners, tambourines, tabrets, and glory hoops. Although I have not used all of these, there are many good resources online and at bookstores on how to use these worship instruments properly. Remember, we don't go out and buy items to use because it's popular, or because the group we saw at last week's concert had them! We do all things by faith, being led of  God.

     When using a banner, it's best for it to be carried by a strong, tall individual who can place it where it can be easily seen by the congregation. Banners are not intended to be waved back and forth but held steadily until they are set down in a predetermined area, where they will not be knocked over or obstruct doorways or traffic. Some churches place their banners on the walls, drape them over the balcony or keep them in view near the altar as an exhortation to the worshipers.

     Billow cloths are another beautiful enhancement to worship dance, and can be made in various fabrics, colors, and sizes. As with flags and streamers, they must flow freely and not shaken quickly (which gives the effect of shaking out a rug)! There is no limit to how the billow cloths can be used, they can be wrapped around the head or the body, or can represent different objects depending on the dance that is being ministered. Whatever you do, never let it look like you are bullfighting with the cloth; keep it moving and mostly above your waist and head, so that the congregation can receive the full message of your ministry.

     If you would like more information on worship instruments, ZionFire Ministries at www.zionfire.com has excellent information on their website. Helena Thomas is extremely knowledgeable about flags, banners, and the creation of these instruments. Kathleen Grace Brown of Footofthecrossministries.com makes beautiful tabrets and also has information on their use to share with the worship community. Let's take time to learn about what we are doing, so that we can be excellent in all that we do for God!

     Enjoy these videos of worship dance with streamers and billow cloths. Both are excellent examples of their use:

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