Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11 (NIV)

I would like to send Holiday well wishes and thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their busy year to read Poetry of Motion!...especially to my 40 followers. You have many choices in what to read online, so I'm glad you chose to add your name to my list.

I look forward to writing more in 2014, as I am led. I don't post just for the sake of posting, I only put up a new blog when I feel that I have something to say. That being said, enjoy your holiday season, glorify God in all of your presentations, be safe, and hope to see you in the New Year!


On Repeat...

The beginning of wisdom:
Get wisdom!
 Get understanding before anything else. ~ Proverbs 4:7 (CEB)

The holiday season is upon us, along with a new year that brings new ideas, new goals and new energy...but somehow the same issues keep coming up over and over again. There are more praise ministries in the church than ever before, yet some of us seem to be quick with presentation without the preparation that goes on beforehand. All of these things I'm about to write have been read before, heard before, and said many times already, but for those who have never heard, it bears repeating:

IF you are going to dance to a song in church...especially if it is a popular one...please make sure you understand the song, the Biblical/spiritual meaning/who is speaking/to whom are they speaking/ and that your moves demonstrate the words of the song. it's not always about looking like a polished dancer, but you cannot beat your chest like Tarzan and jump around up in the front like a monkey and call it praise dance, dance ministry, mime, pantomime (they are not the same) drama, worship arts, human video, or any combination of the above.
   I recently saw a video in which the dancers were literally hopping around in a frenzy, doing the same movements alternately in the chorus of the song. It seemed as if they were sometimes attacking the audience instead of ministering to them, and at one point, it looked like a duel between the two  of the dancers when the lyrics were actually not about them, but about who God is. I'm sure that wasn't their intent, but that was the look. Now... it's one thing to do that in the privacy of your own space, but to present that in a worship service is something quite different. People may say "Amen...Go head...Werk!"...but in reality they are probably responding to the music, and not to whatever is going on in front of them . . . and while they may not know any better they deserve better. It's equivalent to a minster going into the pulpit and doing a lot of shouting, but never bringing a real message that anyone can actually use. Because he or she knows how to get the crowd's attention, people will respond emotionally, but spiritually, they received nothing because nothing was given to them.
   This is in no way meant to put anyone down, to be mean, or critical. When I have the time to watch dance ministry videos, I'm blessed by what I see, all ages and cultures of people who love to worship the Lord in movement, some are highly skilled, some have very simple movements, but it doesn't matter as long as they are offering their best worship to Him and have taken the time to think about what they are dancing about and to whom they are sharing the Good News of Christ with. Good dance/movement ministry always contains these elements:

(1)A song or music that is Biblically based; (2) Clear movements that express the message or essence of the song; (3) Connection to the music by all who are ministering - including facial expressions, and wholehearted participation (in other words, look like you really want to do it, and not like you did someone a favor to show up);and (4) Appropriate attire - does not mean expensive but should be modest and fit well (no body parts out of place on anyone, no cleavage on women); which brings us to the net point: A lot of us are eager to put on dance conferences and give workshops when we need to go and learn what to do before we try to teach someone else. If we don't, all we are doing is perpetuating slackness and mediocrity. All of us will not look like professional dancers, but all of us who God has called to minister publicly in any way, should do everything that we possibly can to be at our best.
   If you have a desire to start a dance/mime/step/flag/drama ministry, please be prayerful about it. The worship arts ministry has been exploited and misunderstood, and still does not receive the respect that it should have, mainly because people are unwilling to take the time and learn how to minister properly. Take time to seek out knowledge from seasoned ministers in your area. Avail yourself of DVD's and books that are worth the investment of time and money. It's not necessary to attend every conference and workshop that is given, but let God lead you to the one He would have you to attend. Otherwise, we will have to keep playing this same message on repeat...repeat...repeat...
*If you would like information on worship arts ministries, please click on the links under "Dance, Drama, & Literary Resources".
Please enjoy these ministry presentations by different groups. All have different stylistic elements and abilities but the one thing they have in common is that the Good News of Christ is very clean and clear, and done excellently!