A New Year!

Brothers and sisters, I know that I still have a long way to go. But there is one thing I do: I forget what is in the past and try as hard as I can to reach to goal before me. I keep running hard toward the finish line to get the prize that is mine because God has called me through Christ Jesus to life up there in heaven.
~Phil. 3:13-14 (ERV)

     Happy New Year to everyone, and especially to all of my 41 followers who have taken time to join my blog over time. Lately, due to time constraints I haven't been adding to the blog as often, and because I realize that you have many reading choices online, I've always promised to only write when I actually have something to say. So...if you don't see a new post, it's for that reason and I feel that I owe you something fresh every time. As I mentioned in a previous blog, there are a hundreds of prolific writers addressing different perspectives of the same topic, so if you can't find it here, it's out there somewhere. I also wanted to expand my blogging beyond dance and dance ministry to focus on worship as a whole, which will continue to include dance/drama/poetry/music/art as I'm led. The wind has shifted my sails again and although I'm still blogging, I'm taking my time to carefully write my next post. Please look for it soon, and again...thanks for reading. Keep worshiping Christ!

Please enjoy this video by the Get Lifted Ensemble: