Name That Ministry!

Then the Lord answered me,
    “Write the vision.
        Make it clear on tablets
            so that anyone can read it quickly.
 The vision will still happen at the appointed time.
    It hurries toward its goal.
    It won’t be a lie.
    If it’s delayed, wait for it.
    It will certainly happen.
    It won’t be late."
~Hab. 2:2-4 (GWT)
Someone asked a question about how to name their ministry and was asking on a public forum for advice on how to choose an appropriate one. First, let's go back and look at what the word ministry actually means:
  • The act of serving; ministration.
  • One that serves as a means; an instrumentality.
  • The profession, duties, and services of a minister
  • The Christian clergy.
  • The period of service of a minister.
Now that we know what a ministry is and does, we also have to remember that a ministry can serve anywhere, at any time because it's a service inspired by God to serve people. A ministry is not just a good idea, a project, an recreation, or a showcase for talent, although these things can take place under a ministry, but are not the purpose of it. And. . . just because you call something a ministry does not mean that it is one!

When you are searching for a ministry name, think about the original concept that God gave you when you were first inspired to start. Can you find more than one scripture to support what you are doing? What is it that you want people to know, see, or learn through your ministry, in other words, what do you have to offer people with what you have to give? Ministry exists to point others to Christ, and to uplift them, help them to become better, to give them hope, and to be encouraged. Write those things down on paper, and take some time for your answers. If you come up short in any area, wait. . . pray. . .and go back to make sure that you are really hearing from God before you proceed.

Too many people are starting ministries with all kinds of ungodly motivations, to become famous, to become rich, because others are starting them, because they disagree with what others are doing.
But -- ministry involves lives, and life is the most important thing to God. When you present a ministry to people, they are expecting to receive something that they never had before. The name of a ministry represents whatever you are carrying, and that is what people deserve to take with them when they come to your church, hear your music or singing, see your dancing, and read your books blogs or poems.

A name means everything . . . so before you ask others what your ministry's name should be, get wisdom from the One who gave you the ministry!
 With all your heart
you must trust the Lord
    and not your own judgment.
 Always let him lead you,
    and he will clear the road
    for you to follow.
~Prov. 3:5-6 (CEV)