Please C.Y.A. ...Part II!

     I received so much response from this article that I was inspired to continue with a Part II of Please Cover Your Assets! There is so much to say about this topic that it's impossible to tell  it all, but if all of us who have voices will speak out, I believe that those who have ears to hear will listen, and act accordingly. There are many who want to please God, but don't have anyone to give them positive guidance, and still others who have already decided that they will do as they like, regardless of what is said or shown to them. We already know that there is a trend, not just in the dance ministry but in the world, to show as much of ourselves as we possibly can and that same trend comes to church services every week-- not only among dancers but in the Praise Team, the choir, and the congregation.

     God tells us that there should be a difference between the way we look, and the way that others look. Did you know that some countries in the Middle East call the United States "The Great Satan" because of the way women are dressed? I was saved in an Apostolic church that did not believe that women should wear pants, jewelry, make-up, seamed stockings, open-toed shoes or sleeveless dresses. Now that is an extreme, but there is truth in the doctrine that we are to be separate from the world. We can be beautiful and fashionable, and still dress appropriately.

   Many past and present arguments state:
  •    Women should dress modestly so that men won't stumble
  •    Women are their brother's keeper
  •    Women have to dress in a certain way to show that they are "good" girls
    I don't agree with any of those statements, and this is why:
  •    If a man has an issue, he will have one until he gives it to God,  although we should not be part of it
  •    We should be concerned about others, but their problems are theirs until they release them
  •    Just because a woman dresses in a certain way does not always mean that her heart is right
    The reason for wearing appropriate garments is that we are perceived in whatever way we present ourselves. If we appear naked, then that is the way people will see us. We dress in a certain way because of the One that we represent. A while back, I danced at a traditional Baptist church where there were some older "church mothers". I didn't have a lot of garments or money to buy an overlay, so I bought a piece of chiffon fabric and wrapped it around the bodice of the dress. One of them came to me after I danced and said: "I saw the worship in your dance. That was very classy". Thank God for that! So, for those of us who continue to make excuses for dancing without appropriate garments, what do you think these same elders are saying when you dance?

     So, before you go out to minister, or even go outside, here are some things to think about:
  • What do I want people to see when they look at me?
  • Do my garments enhance the message I am bringing, or do they take away from the essence of it?
  • What does God think of what I am wearing?
     Lastly, on a teleconference, I heard a well-known dance garment maker say: "If you are not ready to buy appropriate garments, maybe you are not ready to minister in dance". That may sound harsh, but there is truth in what she is saying. Once again, if you don't know what to do, find out first, count the cost, pray for guidance, and...Please Cover Your Assets!


Foot of the Cross Ministries said...

Very well stated. Excellent post...you covered what our coverings should be as a Christian woman and minister of dance. GREAT JOB!!! God bless.

radical praise said...

could you tell me where did you get your overlay garments?

Poetry of Motion! said...

if you're asking about the pink/gray one that is a Watercolor overlay that the dancer is wearing, you can Google "Watercolors" Dancewear online and should be able to find one. It is very beautiful. Thanks for reading. Also, if you click on the link to The Praise Dance Life, Jocelyn Richard has a worship dance garment guide that will tell you where to buy beautiful dance garments. Blessings!