Advertising 101 - Pt 1 . . . Creating that Flyer!

Have you ever wondered what makes flyers get noticed?  Professional printing can be costly, but you can create simple, professional looking flyers for your event on a budget by using a computer, a printer, and the services of your local copy and print center.

The purpose of a flyer is to gain the attention of the viewer (target audience), and engage them in your product (event) and hopefully garner enough interest to attend your event. Sounds easy enough, right? You have probably seen flyers that either didn't give enough information or were poorly done, probably because the person who made the flyer missed some basic points. Here are some tips on creating your own flyers:
  • Make sure your flyer contains the 5 W's of advertising:  What is your event; Who is hosting your event; When will your event take place; Where will your event take place and Why are you having the event? Make sure all information is accurate and include contact information if people have questions.
  • Be sure to use a font that can be easily read. Fancy fonts are often difficult for some people to read, so stick with simple, clean fonts in at least a 12 - pitch size.
  • For ideas, search online for examples of how a simple flyer should look.
  • Limit your graphics to no more than 3 images of clip art or photographs. Don't crowd your flyer with a lot of pictures.
  • Borders are a nice addition to a flyer, and are part of Microsoft Office (TM)* that most people have on their computer.
  • Use your spellcheck feature to proofread before printing. If you know that spelling and grammar is not your strong point, ask someone with excellent proofreading skills to be your second pair of eyes. There's nothing worse than a flyer that contains typos!
  • Print a copy of your flyer on your computer and take it to a copy/print center to make multiple copies. It's less expensive than using up the ink on your home printer.
  • Get your flyer printed on brightly colored paper that is eye-catching. People look longer at bright colors than they do at plain white paper.
  • Center your flyer or set the print to be justified to the left, depending on the type of flyer you are making. You can also use a combination of both.
These are just a few tips on creating your own flyers on a budget for events. In our next blog, we will talk about distributing flyers to your target group. Now...get started on that flyer!

* Microsoft Office (TM) is a registered trademark. Use of the Microsoft  trade name in this blog is not an endorsement of Microsoft Office or of any Microsoft product.

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