The Best of Your Best

If we are living now by the Holy Spirit’s power, let us follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.  Then we won’t need to look for honors and popularity, which lead to jealousy and hard feelings.~ Gal. 5:25-26 (TLB)
     So much of our time can be spent focusing on others that we no longer appreciate what God has given us, which causes us become envious, and in our enviousness we go to great lengths trying to form relationships with people who will help us become great..."liking" their every comment, video and picture on social media, (whether we really like it or not) running to every event they host, and becoming nothing more than groupies. If they have a new dance ministry garment, we want one just like it, forgetting that garments are not fashion statements but the signature on a piece that God inspired and must be directed by Him. If they do a poetry feature, we scramble to perform on that same stage, without knowing what it took for them to get there...but of course if we get close to them, we can too. Do you see where this is going? Ponder this for a moment:

Why not just work on offering the best of your best,
and keep improving on that...
instead of working so hard at trying to be accepted by people who you feel will validate you?
They may or may not and if they do it may only be until someone else comes along who is more acceptable than you...
and at the end of the day you will still be stuck with You....
which the only thing you are really in control of.

     Everyone has been given a gift, purpose, and place from God. It's up to us to find out where our place is, and pray for guidance and favor to be in His will. While we are moving towards that place, we will meet the people we need to meet at the right time, without chasing them down. Whatever it takes to get us there will come, if we have faith and trust to move when God says "Move".  We don't have to play games, or try to make connections with people who have no concern for us other than to add us to their list of supporters. Behind the scenes, you would be surprised to see what some of the ones you are running behind are really like. So,put your faith and trust in God, and whatever he tells you to do...do it quickly!

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