Risk Takers

positive expressions
   unique communications
words out of context, redefined to fit a new dimension
    with the uninhibited totality of prose, given over to inspiration,
the impossible suddenly becomes plausible
and instead of asking "Why?" we begin to ask: "Why not".
(c) 2008 Poetry of Motion!

How often have we condensed our speech to fit into another's way of thinking, putting ourselves into a box and afterwards finding ourselves unable to get out? And if we manage to find our way out, how quickly do we get into a similar situation where we end up in the box again?
To live well, we must learn how to live dangerously, by any means necessary. Keeping ourselves out of the box may mean that we are alone much of the time, but sometimes it is the only way to stay alive.
Look closely around you and you will see, that there are people in your life who carry boxes, ready for you to occupy. It will be your decision to get into the box to keep the people in your life or to refuse to occupy the box they have prepared for you, and risk losing them forever.

I pray that you would become a risk taker.

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GG said...

You're one serious woman...re Risk Taker. Love your outspokenness. I appreciate your views on garments (i need to refresh myself with the scriptures though)