The Hem of My Garment

     I remember going on the bus to the fabric store downtown with my grandmother, who was a professional seamstress. I watched while she inspected yardage, looking for the tiniest flaw and haggling with the shop owner to get the best price, recognizing quality fabric and knowing its worth. As she sewed, she would often sing an old hymn called She Only Touched the Hem of His Garment:

Oh, touch the hem of His garment!
  And thou, too, shalt be free!
His saving power this very hour
    Shall give new life to thee!

  ~by G.F. Root

     Among movement ministries, there has been a welcome increase in the number of garment makers, bringing a wide variety of styles and price ranges from which to choose. The downside of this is that some garment makers have become competitive and territorial, and some dancers have become more concerned with buying expensive garments than enriching their spiritual man. We should always invest in the best garments we can afford, but we don't have to purchase all of them at once! And we definitely should not be made to feel that the God's anointing will not be upon us if our garments are not the most elaborate, or  look down on those who wear garments that are simply made.  Remember that the anointing of God was ON Christ before it was IN His garment (Mark 5: 27-30), and the anointing also moved through Peter's shadow when he walked past people (Acts 5:25).
     God works from the inside out (Acts 1:8), and whatever we wear is secondary to what is in our hearts. Wearing beautiful garments means nothing if we are empty on the inside, have no Christ-consciousness towards others, or are hiding insecurities about ourselves underneath what we have on. God is All-Powerful, and can take someone who knows absolutely nothing about garments and move through them for His glory---because their hearts are pure (I Sam 16:7). So, before you put on that beautful dance garment, remember that what you are wearing inside is even more important than what is seen with the natural eye.

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