Remember Why...

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV)

     Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter is fast approaching and many people are preparing to celebrate by shopping for new outfits, cooking elaborate meals, and planning fun activities for children. There will also be an array of pageantry, plays, musicals, and artistic expressions at worship gatherings around the world.

     As we prepare for Sunday service, whether it is a Passion Play, Stations of the Cross, dance, singing, spoken word, or any other art form, please remember to not get so caught up and consumed by the act of performing service that it becomes more important than the worship of Christ, or the people you are ministering to. Too many times we get excited by lights, staging, cameras, crowds, and sound systems that we forget how to speak to others and how to treat them. If someone forgets where to stand, or misses a cue, do we belittle them, or do we exercise the fruit of patience? Do we become so concerned with garments and costumes, that we disregard the person who is wearing them? This is not a show we are doing, it's the communication of the Good News for an audience of people who may have never heard or seen it. It's not for us to display our talents and skills, although that will happen. God is the director and producer of all that we do!

     Last of all. this is a busy time.  People have a lot going on around them...if something does not go as planned, please remember that what you have to say is never more important than the person you are saying it to.

     Be Blessed...and wise.


His Hem Ministry said...

Thanks for 'this Reminder!'

Poetry of Motion! said...

Thanks for reading! Keep worshiping Christ!