Speak Easy! Pt. 1 - Poetry

Poetry and Spoken Word are gaining increased popularity in churches, as did the resugence of dance in the 80's and 90's. But, what exactly, is poetry, and why is it being done in church?

Poetry is:
·           An art form that uses words in rhythm and verse to show emotions or tell a story

·        Poetry is a way of telling about life through words

·        Poetry can be about any subject

·        Poetry does not have to rhyme

·        Poetry puts things into words that are hard to say

·        Poetry expresses thoughts, feelings, opinions and dreams

·        Poetry can come from anywhere

·        Poetry is something everyone can create

·        Poetry makes the reader or hearer visualize something or feel a certain way
Poetry is a wonderful way of conveying thoughts and observations about life, using minimal words. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to rhyme. In fact, some of the most interesting poems are written in free verse, meaning that the words just flow naturally, without rhyming. Poetry can explore opinions and alternative views of subjects that may be controversial, because the poetic form allows the writer to creatively express his or her message with a variety of words and dynamics that couldn't be accomplished in a regular speech or editorial. One of the reasons that Poetry and Spoken Word are becoming more popular in churches, is that it allows the Good News to be shared in a way that grabs the attention of those who might not otherwise hear what is being said in a traditional sermon, but that same content expressed poetically will probably not be hard to forget. 
 In our next blog, we will talk about some of the different styles of poetry, and share some tips on how to get started with writing and presenting your poems. In the meantime, please enjoy this poem by Poetri the Poet: