Just Like David!

...When the men carrying the Ark of the Lord had walked six steps, David sacrificed a bull and a fat calf. Then David danced with all his might before the Lord. He had on a holy linen vest. David and all the Israelites shouted with joy and blew the trumpets as they brought the Ark of the Lord to the city.~ 2 Samuel 6: 13-15 (NCV)

There are many Godly men dancing for Christ, as quiet as it's kept. Although we always see the women giving thanks and praise, the men aren't always noticed. But when we do see them, they dance with all their might, just like David did. Many churches who still only view dance as an activity and not a ministry of worship to God are not sure about allowing men to dance, because they still associate it with being feminine or frivolous. But if we read the Word, we see that David was a worshiper who rejoiced and gave praise to the Lord, because of the ark that carried the presence of the Lord was being brought into the city.  David didn't dance to entertain the people, he danced from a greatful heart and also gave burnt offerings to the Lord and blessed the people with food.

David put up a tent for the Ark of the Lord, and then the Israelites put it in its place inside the tent. David offered whole burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before the Lord. When David finished offering the whole burnt offerings and the fellowship offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord All-Powerful. David gave a loaf of bread, a cake of dates, and a cake of raisins to every Israelite, both men and women.  Then all the people went home.~ 2 Samuel 6: 17-19 (NCV)

There is something very powerful about seeing a man dance for God! It has nothing to do with him experimenting with his feminine side, but has everything to do with him being free to praise the Lord with his entire being. So...let the men dance, just like David did!

Enjoy the dance ministry from the men of Caanan Baptist Church of Christ, in NY:

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