To every thing there is a season,  a time to every purpose under the the heavens.
(Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV)

     There are some seasons of our lives that are very difficult to walk through, but it is during those times we learn more about ourselves and who the God we worship really is. we also learn who our true friends are, and who are not. Sometimes that can be very heartbreaking, but God knows all things, and we have to remember that He truly holds our world in His hands. When we can't handle it, He can. When so-called friends walk away, He won't.

      Let's really work on trying to live the Christ-life and still think of others even when we are hurting. This world is slowly passing away, times are becoming stressful, many people are struggling with the simplest of things, but there is still something that each of us can do. It's not too much to let someone know you care, or to share what little we have with someone who has even less than we do. The 60's hit song He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother  is still very timely today. It doesn't really take that much...if you really care.  Remember, it's not always what you do, or what you say, it's the spirit that is motivating your actions.

Be Blessed...

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