Be Open!

     Have you ever watched dance or mime ministry videos, or attended a dance ministry concert and seen the same songs done over and over again? It seems that the most popular songs are the ones that are chosen to minister, most of the time.  One potential problem with doing this is that the congregation or audience will not even see the message of the dance, but will respond to the familiar song because they know it so well.  As humans, we want to "fit in" and do what is popular or acceptable to the public, but what is God really leading us to do?  There are songs by some of the same artists that are not as well known, that would be very effective as a visual message.  Even older songs, songs that are of a completely different style that what we are familiar with, or traditional hymns in a contemporary version are other choices.  How about even dancing to scripture, poetry, or spoken word?

     Don't get stuck in a box!  Take the time to listen to different styles of worship music in different genres and broaden your horizons.  Ministries that are most effective are the ones who do their homework It's always easy to do what is common, but do you really want to be like everyone else?  God has given everyone a unique assignment, and it doesn't look like anyone else's.   Read what Jocelyn Richard of Visual Praise Ministries in Augusta, GA says about musical choices:

"...The point is, as far as music is concerned, be open. Of itself, music is not good or bad. God created music before the world changed it in directions contrary to His intentions. Therefore, in listening to music, be attentive to be sure the lyrics point to Jesus.  The music can be, Christian contemporary, worship and praise, traditional hymns or jazz"*
     When we change the way we think about music, it will change the way we minister in movement.  If you don't know where to start your search for new music, www.Pandora.com is an internet radio station that allows listeners to create their own radio stations based on their musical tastes.  You can use the service for 40 hours a month free of charge, or have unlimited use for a reasonable price.  Let's make it our goal in 2011 to enlarge our territories and our musical inventories!

       Enjoy this video of SMBC's God's Anointed Vessels Dancing to Be Open by Richard Smallwood...

 *The Praise Dance Life: http://www.thepraisedancelife.com/2010/12/-choosing-music-for-worship-dance-choreography.html


Lynnea-Praise is what I do! said...

Amen sis! This is something I have to remind myself a lot; even with dance movements, not doing the same movement all the time. I never quite thought about familiar songs potentially taking away the message that is being ministered; that's so true! Thank you!

Poetry of Motion! said...

Yes, we have to be open to whatever God wants to inspire. Thanks for reading & be blessed!