"Non-Traditional" Tradition!

     This is a repost from December 2010:

     There are many ways to creatively share the Good News while maintaining the integrity of God's Word and communicating a clear message. There is nothing entitled "The Christmas Story" in the Bible, although the birth of Christ is clearly stated and can be told at any time of the year.  Because of this, we have an unlimited number of frameworks from which to write plays, poetry, cantatas, do choreography or create artworks that have the birth of Christ as their central theme.  Gone are the days when we are limited to basic recitations for Children's Church or re-enacting the Nativity as a period piece. These are wonderful starting points, but with the blessing of leadership and much prayer, research and collaboration, recitations can have a fresh approach and the Nativity can be brought into the modern day---remembering to maintain the truth of God's Word.

     I once attended a Christmas production where stations were placed at different locations on the church grounds, and the audience could interactively experience different aspects of the Christian walk. At the end of the journey, participants gathered to sing carols and enjoy all kinds of  Christmas treats. There was something for everyone, young and old. One of the most innovative Christmas productions I have ever been in was centered around a giant chess game with a spiritual warfare theme. The possibilities are endless! Even if we use traditional musical selections, we can choose contemporary arrangements. The important thing in this case is to  always make sure that the artist and genre of music selected are appropriate for a worship setting. When in doubt, collaborate with the Minister of Music and of course the Pastor so that no one is offended.

     With some extra planning and prayer, you can creatively present the Good News in a way that will challenge today's complex thinkers (and stay well within your ministry budget). It's time to think outside the box and get into Non-Traditional Tradition!

Please enjoy this unique Christmas presentation of music, drama and dance:

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