So Much to do...Not Much Money?

This is a repost...but it never gets old.

      There are so many classes, workshops, retreats and conferences going on, but most of us have to choose between attending only a few, or none at all. We can't be everywhere all the time, due to job and family obligations, and if an event involves travel, that's an added expense. Of course when we arrive at our destination, we need to have money to purchase food (if not included) books, resources and most importantly have emergency funds -- just in case.

     How do we do this, in the midst of economic challenges? In her e-book, Garments of Glory, Jocelyn Richard (http://www.thepraisedancelife.com/) has many fundraising suggestions for your ministry. A few of her suggestions are:  Having a ballroom dancing class for married couples or seniors; a silent auction; a car wash; sponsor a walk; a dance ministry concert;  a baby praise ballet class for preschoolers, and temporarily cutting back on items that are not important for a worthwhile cause (From Garments of Glory, page 19). There are so many creative ways to generate funds, if we plan ahead.  One of the ways I save money for a special occasion is to put all of my spare change aside, and not spend it unless I absolutely have to. It is surprising how quickly those quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies add up! We can also save rebate checks and money saved from store coupons.  If there is recycling in our area, we can utilize that resource. How about  not going to that weekly $12 movie, or taking lunch and snacks to work instead of stopping at that fast-food place?  So much of our money that could go towards things that have eternal value for us and others is being wasted, because it's going to the wrong places.  Some of us can always find money to shop at the mall and spend, spend, spend...but when it's time to get equipped for Kingdom business, we complain about how expensive it is. It's time to rethink our priorities and put our money where God's heart is. And remember, if we consistently give to God and share with others, it will come back to us when we need it (Matt. 6: 28-33).

     If there's an event that we would like to participate in that will especially enhance our training, we can write fundraiser letters for sponsorships to help us attend. After we have prayed and saved all that we possibly can,  people who know what we do, know our character and are able to help will be more than willing to contribute.  If we want something we never had, sometimes we have to do something we have never done before!

    So, next time there is a conference, retreat, class, or workshop that you feel is out of reach, think again. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Calling all worship dancers! Get ready for The Sound...at Greater Allen Cathedral of New York, July 25-29, 2012. Conference fees: Adults - $300; Teens $275. Group rates and payment plans available. More info to follow. Start planning now...


Foot of the Cross Ministries said...

Priorities....Amen. Good blog, thank you. I've seen dancers spend money for drinks and cover charge at clubs (Jesus help us) but did not have funds for conferences, resources, decent garments, for ministry etc.

Coupons to fabric stores are great! I get 40% off coupons to Joann's weekly. I use them when I buy fabric. Sometimes a seamstress will cut the cost of making a garment if you have your own material.

Thanks for making me do some soul searching. I know I need to stop those coffee and muffin runs in the morning. Sure it is only $1.18 but over a week, that is over $5.00. Lord forgive me......

Poetry of Motion! said...

i'm saving up for next year...:-)