Glorious Garments!

The proliferation of movement ministries over the years has been phenomenal. All styles and genres of dance are now being represented everywhere. The rapid growth of these ministries always brings questions about finding and wearing appropriate garments. Everyone I know has at least one story about dance or mime ministries dressed in ways that, well...let’s just say that they didn’t go to garment class at the conference! It takes time and planning to shop for ministry garments that exemplify God’s glory and beauty (Ex. 28:2), and are affordable. Contrary to the belief that says “it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are giving God the glory”, the garments we wear are part of the overall presentation of the dance.

Fortunately, there is a new book to help you learn about the ministry aspect of garments along with resources to guide you in obtaining garments for your dance ministry and budget. I highly recommend Garments of Glory by Jocelyn Richard, director of Visual Praise Ministries and Dance Studios in Augusta, GA. Jocelyn has done all of the “footwork” for you by creating a comprehensive downloadable e-book that is full of Biblical teaching and resource information. This full color ministry guide is available at www.thepraisedancelife.com, and is very reasonably priced. It will be an excellent addition to your dance library. So, pick up your copy of Jocelyn Richard's Garments of Glory today, and start looking glorious for Christ!

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