May I Have This Dance?

        People love to dance! Just a look at the most popular network shows gives us an idea of how many people love dance, so much that they are either doing it themselves, or watching others. Many people who join dance ministries are great dancers who danced it up in the clubs or in the streets, and they bring that same zeal for dance with them to church. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but what is wrong is that a lot of them are putting on worship garments and dancing with the same spirits that they danced with "up in da' club" and although they may be doing different steps, they have not yet changed partners. It takes time to learn how to be a worshipper, we learn as we go along walking with God on a daily basis. Are we willing to take the time to learn, or are we just in a hurry to get our praise on? I once heard a very wise Pastor say that there is really no such thing as "getting our praise on", because since the praise really belongs to God,  it's not something that we own; we are just giving His praise back to Him...Selah. 

     We have all seen dance ministries who seem to only be interested in attending conferences to present their dances without attending any of the workshops, or show up at concerts and musicals to perform and leave early, and of course the never ending line-up of dancers on You-Tube who don't wear the proper attire for ministry, etc. With so much good information circulating, it is hard to understand why there are still so many who don't know the basics about dance ministry. But, guess what? If we have seen any of these things, and did nothing more that talk about them among ourselves when we have knowledge to share,  God is not pleased with us! Some of us have notebooks and hard drives full of information that we have yet to pass along to others. What are we doing with it?
     We can continue to talk and complain about what others are doing until we are tired, and nothing will change. Even if we were to tie the dancers to their seats and lock all of the the doors so they can't exit the building, if their hearts are not ready to learn, or if they feel that they are being scrutinized and judged, they won't listen to anything that we have to say:

An offended brother is more resistant than a strong city,
and disputes are like the locked gate of a castle tower.
 Proverbs 18:19 (GWT)

     What are some things that we as seasoned worshippers can do to help those who are not as knowledgeable we are?  How about sharing books and resource materials with them and inviting them to workshops? If you are on a social networking page, send them a friend request so they can see what you are doing.  If you beong to a Liturgical dance organization, how about telling them how excited you are about what is going on in your area,  making sure to have some flyers or brochures ready to give them?  Even if they aren't ready to listen at first, they will remember the way you approached them. Was it with a kind spirit, or were you judging them? It's not about enlarging the membership roster of your group,  it's about promoting excellence in the Kingdom of God. When your group has an event, do all that you can to sincerely make them feel welcome if they decide to attend. Those who really want to dance for God will see the difference and want to know more about what you have to offer. Your kind words can accomplish a lot more than your criticism ever will. And remember, God is saying to them as He once said to you: "May I have this dance?"

     Of course, the most important thing we can do is pray for ourselves and others. We do our part by sharing knowledge, and God does the rest:  Lord Jesus look on us, Your worshippers. You know the hearts and motivations of all people. let those who have an ear to hear,  be open to learn and receive Your Word, so that they can learn to be true worshippers at all times. let them learn that worship is not an activity, it is a lifestyle of prayer, praise, the Word, fasting, and giving. Help us to be good examples, and not their judges.  this is our prayer Lord, in Your Name, AMEN.

Enjoy this praise by