Health Benefits of Ballet

This is a link to an excellent article by Debra Cornelius about the Health Benefits of Ballet on edubook.com. Read and enjoy...

Health Benefits of Ballet

Class, Anyone?

    The dance ministry attracts many people, some of whom have no formal training. While God does not call or anoint us based on our skill, we should always strive to learn as much as we can about dance, spiritually and physically. Besides having a Biblical understanding of dance, prayer, praise, worship and spiritual warfare, we also need to know how to move safely and properly so that our message in movement will be clearly understood. Many leaders still teach that it is not necessary to study dance or attend dance classes, and that all we need is a heart to worship God, which is not entirely correct, because the benefits of good dance training are endless.
     In a basic dance class ( I recommend starting with Ballet) you will learn body alignment, positions, coordination, gain strength and flexibility, awareness of space, timing, and presence, which will help in any other dance style.  Remember: The goal of a ballet class is not to become a Ballerina, unless that is what you are called to do, but to become a stronger minister of whatever style of dance you do as a soloist or a group.
     If you are new to the dance ministry or would like to learn more about the ministry of dance, Jocelyn Richard of the Praise Dance Life will be teaching the Biblical Study of Dance teleseminar from May 6 to May 20 at 7PM, EST. The series will discuss The Purpose of the Dance, The Dancer as Worship Leader, The Dance of the Prophet Killer, and more. The teleseminar is interactive and includes coaching and thought-provoking discussions with Jocelyn, who is a dynamic minister of dance and director of  the Visual Praise Dance Studio in Augusta GA. for more information or to register for the class, please go to:

Keep Dancing...



      The word "purify" simply means: to make or become pure.  When we think of something that is purified, we immediately think of it as being clean and in its natural state, free from contaminants, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, flavors, etc. In nature, purification takes place on a regular basis. For example, if our bodies don't eliminate toxins properly, we will eventually fall ill.  Many serious illnesses can be linked to some kind of toxicity in the body.

     Another form of purification involves getting rid of excesses in our lives, including relationships and associations that have passed their expiration date. Just as consuming spoiled food can harm us physically, toxic relationships can harm us spiritually and cause us to become ineffective in our lives and minstry of service to God and others. Each of us can find areas in our lives that need purification.   Maybe we have lost certain spiritual abilities over time, or we lack the inspiration and drive we used to have. Some of us have become weary and discouraged. Whatever the problem, it has One solution: PURIFY! (Numbers 8:6-7)

     Calling all Worshippers! Looking for all dancers, steppers, dramatists, musicians to join us at Greater Allen Cathedral in New York City. Let's PURIFY together. July 28-August 1, 2010!