The Ministry of Movement

“Dance is a spiritually powerful force! It was created that way for a pure and holy purpose. It is a mysterious but glorious gift, full of untapped treasures. It is an art form that has the ability to convict and convince at the same time, either for good or for evil. One short dance has the voltage to communicate on a non-verbal level a message that will change the course of one's life."
(Author Unknown)

If anyone knows the author of this powerful quotation, please let me know so that proper credit can be given. Words and movement are used to communicate thoughts, feelings and actions to others. Even before we learned to talk, we moved, threw objects or used facial expressions or gestures that others responded to. The God-inspired blending of words and movement has the ability to transcend the intellect and go directly to the heart of a captive audience. Movement ministers have the unique ability to speak volumes without  a word, telling a story that will be remembered long after the music stops. Dance ministry is a visual representation of God’s Word and the message being communicated should have an exact beginning, middle, and ending.

Movement does not have to be set to every word of a song; it is possible to interpret one sentence of a song in 5 inspired movements. The use of sign language and gestures can also be added to express the message. Understanding stage directions such as upstage, downstage, stage right, stage left, and center stage help in making the most of available space.

As movement ministers proclaiming the Good News, remembering that our messages should be so clear that they can be received even if the music is turned off will always create a clear visual expression that will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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The Holy Spirit gave me Ministers of Movements, LLC 7 years ago. I look forward to sharing some of the theological dissertations prepared on this topic. To God Be The Glory! You God it! AMEN